Birthday Gifts For a 3 Year Old Girl

20 Best Birthday Gifts For a 3 Year Old Girl In 2021

20 Best Birthday Gifts For a 3 Year Old Girl In 2021

Birthday Gifts For a 3 Year Old Girl


Princess Jewelry Birthday Gifts For a 3 Year Old Girl

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Your little princess will love the Banquet play set perfectly designed to keep the jewelry and other beautiful things. The baby girl can also arrange her little shoes inside the shelves. The style of the cupboard is unique, portable and the pink color attracts the kids.

The complete set includes crowns, two necklaces, two bracelets, and two magic bands with pairs of heel shoes. Let the little princess arranges her cupboard and learns the art of management.

Jewelry Making Kit

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It’s time to empower your cute little angel with the right fashion accessory. The jewelry kit includes more than 500 pieces of snap beads available in different vibrant colors. Moreover, two fragments of hairbands will complete the set.

Let her arrange the hairs with colorful and different-shaped beads while she learns the art of fashion. This is an excellent gift for baby girls under four years. All the kit accessories are made of High-quality PP plastic.

Unicorn Gift Set

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Attention all Unicorn Lovers, especially girls! The gift set includes a storybook explaining the dreams of a baby girl through unique infographics. Moreover, it has a soft and cute unicorn plush which will make the collection complete.

The book measures 7.5″ x 7.5″ with 24 watercolor illustrated pages. There is a purple flower accent on the head of the unicorn that matches with the extra headband. Give your princess a surprise with this unicorn gift.

Flower Birthday Gifts For a 3 Year Old Girl

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The flower gift will not only improve the attention of kids towards gardening but also help the kids to learn about colors. These flowers are available in different shapes, and your little kid will increase problem-solving abilities and improves the design sense.

Let your child design their garden using the flowers. The company claims to use top quality, non-toxic, and highly safe material. The colorful lilies, daisies, and other flowers will make the set beautiful—an ideal birthday gift for girls.

Princess Dress

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Let your princess dress up herself with the different colored outfits. The set includes four pretty, and stylish companies that are is designed according to Disney standards.

Your baby doll can choose a style and dress up herself according to the favorite character. You will receive the princess dress packaged in a charming keepsake storage trunk—a Recommended birthday gifts for a 3 year old girl.

Little Girls Purses

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The set includes purses and other ladies’ fashion accessories. Inside the bag, you will discover the wallet, cellphone, and face powder. Moreover, there is an ID card, credit cards, and key rings to make it a complete set.

Let your sweet baby enjoys some role-playing moments as she pretends to be a shopping mom just like you. The size of the purse is large enough to hold all the accessories easily.

The bag’s style can match any branded handbag with easy-to-carry shoulder strips—an excellent idea for the gift, especially during Christmas.

Piano Toy Keyboard 

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The piano is the developer for toddlers and contains a lot of musical stuff that your kids can explore. Mostly it is a birthday gift for the young kids. The piano has been designed to introduce the interest in music and the keyboard among young kids.

Let the baby improves tone recognition, Independent thinking, EQ cultivation, and Temperament. Moreover, with the 31 keys, the kids can develop new realistic tones and rhymes.

Makeup with Mirror 

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The makeup with mirror toys will increase the imaginative play among kids. The complete set includes a dressing table and a stylish stool, meeting the quality and modern design standards.

The kids can enjoy the role play, and it’s a team play activity. The beautiful vanity set also contains stickers, hair clips, lipsticks, and other fashion accessories.

There are two drawers to keep the fashion items safe. The company claims a refund and contributes 10% of the profit to charity organizations.

Toddler Backpack Plush Doll 

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A very innovative cute backpack for traveling purposes. The bag’s space is large enough, and the kid can place the snacks, books, and other items inside easily.

Soft and durable material has been used to construct the bag, while its superior lining will make it an eye-catching backpack to buy. Perfect for the little girls as they find it lightweight and very attractive.

VTech Rock Music Player

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The minor music player comes with different musical learning games. Now your baby will get to know about the letters, numbers, and animals’ names while listening to the music.

There are three styles, including hip-hop, rock, and classical. The complete set also includes kid-safe headphones and 2 AAA batteries. A very portable device and a great choice as a birthday gift.

Disney Minnie Mouse

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This Minnie mouse hoodie is a gift for Disney cartoon lovers. Made from 100% polyester fleece, this ensures to meet all the quality standards. You will find a legging with the hoodie, perfectly matching the style of your kid.

The word “HAPPY” is printed with a golden color, and the whole design looks so elegant. It is perfect birthday gifts for a 3 year old girl.

Little Girl Rainwear

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If your kids love to play in the rain, then this rainwear is just designed for them. The company has designed it for baby girls up to 3 years. The high-quality fabric has been used to fabricate the complete rainwear.

The two-piece matching rainwear includes a Disney-themed rain hoodie and an umbrella to keep the kid safe from direct rain exposure. The hoodie size can be adjusted using elastic and thus very comfortable to wear.

Garden Building Toys for Girls

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With the effective use of this garden building toy, the kids can create a bouquet. This will improve their imaginations and keep the kids busy for hours in a productive task.

The garden building toy is a multiplayer activity for your kids to learn the team play abilities. This valuable set includes 106 pieces, and different colors of flowers will make the collection more beautiful. You can claim a refund in case of any issue.

My Little Architect

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After years of research, the toy has been designed to promote the interest of babies towards the architect and civil engineering. The set includes magnetic building blocks that can be arranged in a different way to construct buildings with variations.

The eight shapes of tiles can be put in multiple modes to make big things. EU-approved material is used to develop the architect’s tiles and pieces, thus meeting all safety standards. Best toy to enhance the productivity of the kids.

9 Pack Cars Toys 

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The complete set includes nine different types of vehicles. The colorful cars, buses, and sprinklers will make it a value-added toy for the kids. There is a large truck that can hold six vehicles and increases the fun for the kids.

Just pull the car back, and the motor will move it forward. A great source of joy and easy for toddlers to operate. All the vehicles are made with sturdy and premium quality plastic material, thus build to last forever.

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Coin Whack-A-Mole Game

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The coin whack game is excellent fun and developmental toy. This will grasp the attention of every toddler and a source of endless fun. Find your kid enjoying 21 level play mode sets, seven different speeds, and other gameplay modes.

The coin mode will allow entering a coin, and then the game will start. Let the toddlers enjoy the same experience as the gaming center. It comes with two hammers with a sturdy handle and rubber hammerhead to not harm the moles.

Remote Control Car

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The super sporty mini remote control racing car is suitable for indoor and outdoor use. The size is highly portable, and it is effortless to carry. Moreover, 3 AAA batteries are required to keep the car active.

Let the kids control the direction and acceleration of the racing car. The material is durable, and that’s why the car will remain in shape even after some collisions—an excellent gift for the kids and famous among baby boys.

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Racer Toddler Toys

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Parents’ first choice as a racing toy for the kids. It is a complete racing track, including six small cars. Moreover, the material is BPA-free, and the non-toxic paint will ensure its glossy presence over the years.

Lightweight and very portable toy. Your kids can set up the in few minutes easily. The cars are very well designed, allowing an excellent grip to the toddlers. Most parents consider this toy during the pre-school learning phase.

Girl Balance Bike

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This is a very colorful and designed oriented girl balance bike. It will improve the coordination and balance of the toddlers. It comes with an excellent road grip, and the seat is made of premium quality material.

The handle can be adjusted to a different height—a value-added best birthday gifts for a 3 year old girl.

Scratch Paper Art

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Let your kids explore their skills and turn imaginations into reality. The pack contains 36 sheets with a black matte surface. There are 18 vivid colored rainbow background sheets and nine glitter shields to give the toddlers more access to creativity.

Free Sample Pack of stickers included and a value-added scratch paper art toy. 

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