20 Best 36 Volt Ride on Toys In 2023

20 Best 36 Volt Ride on Toys In 2023

The 36 volt ride on toys are an excellent choice for kids who crave outdoor activity and adventure. Here are some key points about these toys.

36-volt ride-on toys encourage children to spend time outdoors, engaging in physical activity and exploration, which is essential for their development.

The popularity of these toys has been on the rise, thanks to advancements in battery technology, making them more accessible to families.

One of the best things about these ride-on toys is their ease of installation.

Most models are designed for straightforward setup, eliminating the need for complicated tools or technical knowledge.

These toys often come with safety features such as seat belts, parental controls, and adjustable speeds, ensuring both safety and enjoyment for young riders.

Overall, 36-volt ride-on toys offer a fantastic way for kids to have fun while staying active outdoors.

They are a great investment for parents looking to provide their children with exciting and wholesome playtime experiences.

What to look while buying 36 volt ride on toys?

When buying 36-volt ride-on toys, it’s important to consider several key factors to ensure you’re making the right choice for your child’s safety and enjoyment. Here’s a brief guide on what to look for:

  1. Power: Check the power of the ride-on, including the number of motors it has. More motors usually mean better performance and control, especially on rough terrain.

  2. Voltage Capacity: Ensure that the toy operates on a 36-volt system to maximize power and speed.

  3. Battery Life: Look for models with good battery life. Longer playtime means less frequent recharging and more fun for your child.

  4. Age and Size: Consider the recommended age and size of the rider. Ensure the toy is suitable for your child’s age group and physical dimensions.

  5. Safety Features: Safety should be a top priority. Look for features like seat belts, parental remote control, and adjustable speed settings to ensure a safe riding experience.

  6. Design and Quality: Examine the design and build quality of the ride-on. Sturdy construction and attention to detail contribute to durability and longevity.

Once you’ve considered these factors, you can confidently select the best 36-volt ride-on toy for your child or even for adults looking for a fun and exciting ride.

Be sure to also consult reviews and recommendations to make an informed decision.

Following is the brief list of 20 best 36v ride on toys for 2023.

1. Razor 36v Ride On Toys

The Razor Dirt Rocket SX500 McGrath Electric Motocross Bike is an excellent choice among the best 36V ride on toys. 

This motocross bike boasts dual suspension, riser handlebars, and hand-operated dual disc brakes, offering a high-performance riding experience. These features contribute to its durability and control.

With a powerful motor, this bike provides a supercharged riding experience. It can reach speeds of up to 15 mph, offering plenty of excitement for young riders.

The bike comes with a sealed rechargeable battery system, consisting of three 12V batteries.

This setup allows it to run continuously for an impressive 40 minutes on a single charge, ensuring extended playtime.

While the bike offers thrilling performance, it’s important to note that it is recommended for riders aged 14 years and up.

It ensures that it’s suitable for older children who can handle its power responsibly.

The Razor Dirt Rocket SX500 McGrath Electric Motocross Bike is an ideal choice for older kids looking for an exciting and high-quality ride-on experience.

Its combination of power, durability, and safety features makes it a standout option among 36V ride-on toys.

2. Kids Go Kart 36 volt ride ons 500w


 36V Ride on Toys

Kids 36 volt ride ons appears to be a powerful and efficient choice for young riders.

This go-kart prioritizes safety with a protective and unique design.

It includes powerful brushless motors and a hydraulic braking system, which are key components in ensuring a secure and reliable riding experience for kids.

The ride-on aims to provide a realistic driving experience for kids.

It incorporates various features such as key start, authentic sounds, working lights, speed modes, and more.

These elements contribute to an immersive and enjoyable adventure for young drivers.

With a 5.0 rating and positive review, this ride-on go-kart appears to be a high-end, quality product.

A high rating and satisfied customers are strong indicators of its reliability and performance.

The 36V electric go-kart is designed to offer a thrilling and realistic driving experience while maintaining a strong focus on safety and quality.

When considering such products, it’s essential to verify its specifications, age suitability, and user reviews to ensure it meets your child’s needs and expectations.

3. Miniature Euro 36 Volt Battery Ride On Toys

Introducing the Miniature Euro 36 Volt Battery Scooter, a high-performance ride-on toy designed for excitement and adventure. Here are its key features.

With a maximum speed of 15 mph, this scooter offers a fast and thrilling riding experience.

It can accommodate riders with a total weight of up to 170 pounds, making it suitable for older children and some adults.

The inclusion of a 90-day warranty provides peace of mind, ensuring that any unexpected issues can be addressed promptly.

On a single charge, this scooter can cover up to 10 miles, offering extended playtime before needing a recharge.

The Miniature Euro 36 Volt Battery Scooter is an excellent choice for those seeking high-performance ride-on toys.

It combines speed, endurance, and a warranty, making it an exciting and reliable option for outdoor adventures.

4. Razor Eco Smart 36 volt Power Wheels 

The Razor Eco-Smart 36 Volt Power Wheels is a fantastic choice, and here’s why it stands out.

This electric scooter features an impressive 500-watt extra high torque motor, ensuring robust performance and efficiency.

The 36-volt electrical system provides ample power for a thrilling and sustained riding experience.

It’s designed with a bamboo deck, adding a touch of eco-friendliness and style to the scooter.

The ultra-padded seat offers a comfortable and enjoyable ride, even on longer journeys.

The inclusion of an extra detachable luggage rack/rear fender enhances the practicality of the scooter, allowing you to carry items or personalize your ride.

The Razor Eco-Smart 36 Volt Power Wheels is not only a powerful and eco-conscious electric scooter but also provides comfort and versatility with its detachable luggage rack and ultra-padded seat.

It’s a great choice for those looking for a stylish and functional way to get around.

5. Ninebot 24 36 volt ride on toys Segway GoKart 

The New Model Segway 24 36 volt ride on toys go-kart is a remarkable choice with a range of impressive features.

The gokart is built with a sturdy high-strength steel frame capable of carrying a payload of up to 220 lbs, ensuring durability and safety.

It’s equipped with a powerful 4,800W Max engine that delivers exceptional power, providing a thrilling and responsive ride. The 96N max torque adds to the excitement.

The gokart is designed with anti-collision protection and dual communication technology, enhancing rider safety and peace of mind.

This gokart is suitable for riders of all ages, making it a versatile option for family fun.

With a top speed of 23 mph and a range of 15.5 miles on a single charge, it offers both speed and endurance for extended enjoyment.

The New Model Segway Electric Gokart is an exciting and versatile option, ideal for riders of all ages who seek a combination of power, safety, and impressive performance.

Whether you’re looking for family fun or personal adventures, this gokart delivers an exceptional riding experience.

6. Say Yeah 36v Ride On

Kids can have a blast on a mini dirt bike! This is the perfect toy to get them outside and active.

They’re small enough that they won’t take up too much of your backyard or garage space, but big enough that they can really ride around with ease.

What are you waiting for? Get one today!

Kids need an outlet where they can release their energy and be active; this mini dirt bike 49cc will do just the trick.

It’s also great if you want to teach kids about responsibility.

They’ll learn how to care for it like it was their own vehicle (even though we know everything will be put back together by the time mom gets home).

Toxozere 36 Volt Ride on Toys this power wheel is the best choice for a child that comes to a key start.

It included a 500w powerful motor with a maximum speed of 20-25 mph. It will run with 1.3 liter gas upto 25 miles.

It has breakable 11-inch large pneumatic tires that your boy will love to drive. .

7. Swagtron 36v Ride On Car

Swag 36v ride on car is a truly impressive choice for you. This motorized scooter has a 250-watt motor that charges in 3.5 hours.

It is a folded system bike that uses aerospace capacity and is easy to assemble.

It has come with a battery headlight real sound horn and a powerful handlebar brake system.

There is the best option available you can charge your device while you ride.

8. Radio Flyer Go Kart 36v Ride On

The Radio Flyer Go Kart 36v is a fun and exciting ride-on vehicle designed for children aged 5 years and up.

It offers several features to enhance the riding experience and ensure safety.

The go-kart has three forward-driving speed settings: 5, 8, and 11 MPH. This allows the child to adjust the speed according to their comfort level and skill.

The combination of rubber traction on the front tires and extra wide rear wheel slicks enables the go-kart to drift, adding an element of excitement to the ride.

The go-kart includes a parent-controlled speed lock, which allows parents to control the driving speed. This feature ensures that the child doesn’t exceed a safe speed.

To ensure safety, the go-kart is equipped with a seat belt that keeps the child securely in place during the ride.

It also comes with a racing flag that increases visibility, making the go-kart more noticeable to others.

The tool-free quick unlock lever allows easy adjustment of the seat, enabling the go-kart to grow with the child.

This feature ensures that the go-kart remains comfortable and suitable for the child as they grow.

The go-kart is powered by a 36-volt battery, which is included along with a charger.

The battery charge length is approximately 45 minutes, but it can vary depending on the user’s weight and the type of terrain the go-kart is used on.

It is recommended to refer to the Battery Care Instructions for proper maintenance.

The go-kart has a battery capacity indicator, which provides information about the remaining battery charge.

Its dimensions are approximately 46″ in length, 30.7″ in width, and 20.7″ in height. The maximum weight capacity is 130 lbs.

The Radio Flyer Go Kart 36v offers a thrilling and safe riding experience for children, with adjustable speed settings, drift capability, and safety features such as a seat belt and racing flag.

9. 24v Ride On Quad for Kids

The Fitright electric car is equipped with a potent 350-watt brushless engine and a dependable 24V battery pack, ensuring impressive power and a long-lasting ride.

Its 4-wheel spring suspension system provides a smooth and comfortable ride, even on uneven terrain, enhancing the overall driving experience.

A notable feature is the 3-speed key setting, which allows you to adjust the car’s speed, offering flexibility and safety for young riders.

In terms of warranty, the car includes a 60-day manufacturer’s warranty, covering any potential issues.

Additionally, there’s a lifetime warranty for the frame, providing long-term peace of mind.

Overall, the Fitright electric car combines power, comfort, and reliable warranty coverage, making it an excellent choice for outdoor adventures and ensuring a safe and enjoyable ride for young drivers.

10. 36 volt power wheels for kids

The Peg Perego is a 24V ride-on car designed specifically for kids. Its body is constructed from lightweight and durable plastic, making it easy to transport and handle.

This ride-on car is designed for off-road adventures, featuring a suspension system that provides a comfortable and smooth driving experience, even on rough and uneven terrain.

One of its notable features is the inclusion of two forward and reverse gears, adding an element of excitement and realism to the driving experience. Kids can have fun while also developing their motor skills.

To enhance the overall enjoyment, the Peg Perego ride-on car comes equipped with entertainment features like music and lights, ensuring an engaging and entertaining ride.

With a solid 4.4 rating and 28 reviews from users, it’s clear that this ride-on car is well-regarded, reflecting its quality and the satisfaction of its customers.

The Peg Perego 24V ride-on car offers a lightweight and durable design, off-road capability, entertainment features.

The strong track record of positive user feedback, making it an attractive choice for kids seeking an exciting and enjoyable driving experience.

11. 36v Razor electric Dirt Quad 500

The Razor Electric Dirt Quad 500 is a powerful off-road vehicle designed with a realistic appearance.

It’s constructed using alloy steel material, featuring a self-adjusting chain, and designed for efficiency, all of which contribute to providing a safe yet exciting riding experience for kids.

This off-road vehicle pays attention to safety and performance details, including an internal gear system, rear disc brake, and suspension system.

These features work together to ensure that kids can enjoy their rides with confidence, even on rough terrain.

With 115 user reviews and an average rating of 3.8 stars, the Razor Electric Dirt Quad 500 has received generally positive feedback from customers.

It suggests that it has left a favorable impression and has met the expectations of those who have used it.

12. 110cc 3v volt Black Mini Quad 

The Black Mini 110cc Quad ATV Dirt is an off-road ride-on vehicle designed with an eye-catching and dynamic design.

It offers exciting adventures for kids, thanks to its multifunctional and efficient features such as disc brakes, suspension, and quality tires, all designed to enhance the off-road experience.

Safety is a priority, as indicated by the twist throttle equipped with a safety foot switch.

It ensures that kids can have fun while parents or guardians can rest assured that their safety is maintained.

Beyond the thrill, this vehicle provides an opportunity for skill development as children navigate various terrains and learn to control the vehicle effectively.

With a high 4.8-star rating based on five reviews, it’s clear that the Black Mini 110cc Quad ATV Dirt has left a positive impression on users, reflecting its quality and satisfaction among customers.

Overall, it offers adventure, safety, skill development, and positive user feedback, making it an appealing choice for outdoor fun.

13. Go-kart 36V Battery Powered Ride On Toy

The Go-Kart 36V is an exciting ride-on car designed for kids, with a focus on providing an efficient and thrilling drifting experience.

It’s tailored for those who enjoy racing and drifting adventures.

Safety is a top priority, as evidenced by the inclusion of an emergency off-string mechanical brake.

It ensures that riders can quickly and safely stop the vehicle, enhancing overall safety during play.

The go-kart is designed to be both convenient and portable, making it easy to transport and store.

It comes with standard functionalities, ensuring a user-friendly experience.

Installation is straightforward, reducing the complexity for parents or guardians who are setting it up for their children.

The go-kart is made from durable plastic material, built to withstand the demands of outdoor play, ensuring its longevity.

This Go-Kart 36V offers an action-packed and safe riding experience, with a focus on drifting and racing excitement.

Its user-friendly design, ease of installation, and durability make it a practical choice for kids seeking thrilling outdoor adventures.

14. 36 volt ride on 2 seater


The 36 volt ride on 2 seater vehicle designed to provide kids with a realistic and engaging driving experience.

One of its standout features is a storage area, which adds to the authenticity and allows kids to mimic the experience of driving a real truck.

This not only makes playtime more fun but also helps children develop real driving skills.

Further to its realistic design, the car includes entertaining features like a horn, lights, and music, enhancing the overall enjoyment of the ride.

These elements make the experience engaging and enjoyable for young drivers.

The car’s design prioritizes comfort, ensuring that kids have a comfortable and enjoyable ride every time they play.

It’s also constructed with high-end quality materials, enhancing its durability and longevity, making it a reliable choice for lasting fun.

With a solid 4.3-star rating from 290 reviews, it’s clear that this 24V ride-on SUV car has left a positive impression on users.

This reflects the high satisfaction and trust of customers in its performance and features.

This ride-on SUV car offers a combination of realism, entertainment, comfort, and positive user feedback, making it an appealing choice for kids seeking a fun and educational driving experience.

15. 36 Volt Ride on Toys for 8 10 Year Olds 

 36 Volt Ride on Toys

The Bruiser Kid Mini 36 volt ride on toys for 8 10 year olds is a high-powered off-road vehicle designed for kids.

Its key features include a 36V power system, a dynamic and efficient design, with safety measures.

With its 36V power, this ATV is well-equipped for various terrains, delivering an exciting riding experience for children.

Its dynamic design not only adds to its appearance but also enhances its efficiency, making it a fun and thrilling choice for adventurous kids.

Safety is a top priority with the inclusion of speed modes and a reliable braking system.

These features work together to ensure a safe and enjoyable riding experience, providing parents with peace of mind.

While there is only one user review, it’s worth noting that the Bruiser Kid Mini ATV received a perfect 5.0-star rating from a satisfied user.

This indicates a high level of satisfaction and trust in its performance.

In summary, the Bruiser Kid Mini ATV offers high-powered adventures for kids, with an efficient design and safety features.

It promises excitement and fun while prioritizing the safety and enjoyment of young riders.

16. Radio Flyer 24v ride on

Radio flyer 24v ride on for kids has different look than an average ride on.

Due dolphin-sized front and the rear wheel make it is suitable and efficient for giving the ultimate drifting experience for kids.

The speed modes, rubber tires, and automatic brakes make it safer to control the vehicle.

It has other standard and essential features such as easy charging, adjustable seat, and so on.

Three hundred fourteen people with a 4.4-star rating review it.

17. Super ATV Heavy Duty for kids

 36V Ride on

The Super ATV Heavy Duty is an extraordinary ride-on vehicle designed for kids, offering a powerful and exciting riding experience. It’s distinguished by several key attributes:

Firstly, it delivers an impressive level of power, creating a dynamic and thrilling riding adventure that goes beyond typical ride-on toys.

The design of the vehicle, along with its large tires, ensures not only exceptional performance but also durability.

This robust construction enables it to withstand the demands of outdoor play, making it a long-lasting choice.

Moreover, the Super ATV provides a comfortable and smooth ride, thanks to its suspension design, which effectively absorbs shocks and bumps.

It feature contributes to an enjoyable and less jarring experience for young riders.

In addition to the fun it provides, this ride-on vehicle also serves as a platform for kids to develop various skills, including motor skills and coordination.

Customer feedback has been overwhelmingly positive, with an impressive 4.8-star rating based on reviews from 18 users.

This high rating reflects the vehicle’s quality and the satisfaction of those who have had the opportunity to enjoy it.

In summary, the Super ATV Heavy Duty offers an exciting, skill-enhancing, and durable ride-on experience for kids.

Its exceptional power, thoughtful design, smooth ride, and positive user reviews make it an appealing choice for young adventurers seeking both thrilling outdoor fun and skill development opportunities.


18. 36v Monster ATV for kids

The Mega Grave Digger RC is an impressive remote-controlled monster truck that lives up to its name in terms of size, speed, and power.

The two-foot-long monster truck is larger, faster, and more powerful than most other Grave Digger RC vehicles.

It can be controlled from a distance of up to 250 feet using a 2.4GHz frequency dual joystick controller, giving you precise control over its movements in any direction.

What sets this RC monster truck apart is its ability to tackle obstacles with ease.

Whether you’re driving it on or off-road, the Mega Grave Digger is virtually unstoppable.

It has a lightweight design, oversized tires, rubber treads, mega-sized shocks, and a suspension system that allows it to roll over obstacles effortlessly.

This RC vehicle is an authentic replica of the legendary Grave Digger monster truck.

It features official graphics, oversized BKT Tires, and working lights, providing a realistic experience similar to driving the real Grave Digger.

Plus, it’s equipped with a built-in USB charging cable, making it easy to recharge and continue the fun.

The Mega Grave Digger RC is an ideal gift for boys, especially those aged 4 and up.

It offers an exciting and action-packed playtime experience. Keep in mind that the remote control requires 2 AAA batteries, which are not included.

If you’re a fan of Monster Jam, you can expand your collection with other Monster Jam-themed toys and collectibles, including remote control vehicles, True Metal die-cast trucks, and playsets.

The Mega Grave Digger RC is a thrilling and highly detailed remote-controlled monster truck that offers an authentic and powerful playtime experience.

Its impressive size, obstacle-handling capabilities, and realistic design make it a top choice for young monster truck enthusiasts.

19. 36 volt ride on toys 

The mufflers are designed to enhance the vehicle’s exhaust sound, expanding from 2.5 inches to 3 inches at the end.

This expansion results in a more robust and resonant exhaust note, which can contribute to a more enjoyable riding experience.

Buyers have the option to choose between two finishes: chromed mufflers with black tips or black muffler bodies with clear-coated machined aluminum tips.

This flexibility allows riders to select a style that matches their personal preferences.

On certain models originally equipped with an OEM-style cross-over, these mufflers include a similar cross-over design.

This addition can potentially improve the vehicle’s overall performance by enhancing exhaust flow.

Each muffler comes equipped with 2-inch constant velocity baffles, which utilize a bonded e-class sleeve with stainless mesh.

Baffles serve a crucial role in regulating exhaust flow and managing noise levels.

These mufflers are designed to seamlessly integrate with stock headpipes, ensuring compatibility with the vehicle’s existing exhaust system.

Which makes them a convenient choice for riders seeking muffler replacement or upgrade options.

Finally, these mufflers are intended to enhance exhaust sound, offer finish options, may improve performance on specific models, incorporate baffles for noise control, and are compatible with stock headpipes.

They are versatile components suitable for riders looking to customize or replace their vehicle’s mufflers.

20. hoverboards 36v ride on

The newest craze is here and it’s not some toy you were hoping for. Now, there are hoverboards that kids can ride on.

They’re electric so they don’t need to be pushed around like a traditional bike, but still allows your child to feel the freedom of riding their own personal vehicle.

The 36v Ride On Toys Hoverboard is the perfect way for your little rider to get out there and explore while staying safe.

If you are looking for the best hoverboard for kids, look no further than tomoloo Hoverboad Ride on! We select a variety of models in different colors and with various features.

If you’ve ever wanted to fly, but didn’t want to be stuck inside your house all day long just waiting for your chance at takeoff.

Then this is the product for you. Introducing the Fly Board Air Hoverboard by tomoloo Racing – a water powered jet pack that will get you from 0-60 mph in less than 3 seconds. And it’s available right now.

21. 36 Volt Ride on utv for Teens 

If you are looking for the perfect gift for your loved one then consider a 36 volt ride on utv is the best one.

This is one of top selling products because it’s so versatile and well suited to children of all ages.

It can be used both indoors and outdoors, making it ideal when weather conditions make riding on a bicycle or scooter impractical.

For kids who love speed but don’t yet have their driver’s license, this ride-on toy will give them an exhilarating sense of freedom.

while still providing plenty of safety and stability features that keep them safe as they whiz around corners and down hills at speeds up to 12 mph!

22. EzyRoller Classic Ride On

The EzyRoller Classic Ride On is a fantastic toy designed to provide hours of outdoor fun for kids.

This ride-on toy is not only enjoyable but also easy to steer, allowing children to have a great time while staying in control.

Durability is a key feature of the EzyRoller Classic Ride On. It’s constructed from robust materials that are built to withstand active play, ensuring that it can endure the adventures and activities your child embarks on.

This ride-on toy is suitable for children aged 3 to 14 years old, offering a wide age range for kids to enjoy its benefits and have a blast during their playtime adventures.

Whether it’s zooming around the driveway or racing with friends, the EzyRoller Classic Ride On is a versatile and exciting option for young adventurers.

23. Ninebot balancing electric scooter

The Segway Ninebot balancing electric scooter is one of the most innovative and game-changing products to hit the market.

The top speed on this scooter is up to 18 miles per hour, which makes it perfect for city living or getting around campus with ease.

With a weight limit of 220 pounds, this revolutionary product is sure to be your new best friend in no time.

The Ninebot is a balancing electric scooter that has a sleek design and can go up to 18 miles per hour.

The Ninebot is perfect for casual riders who want the convenience of an electric vehicle, but don’t need hardcore speed or rugged terrain functionality.

It’s also great for kids! It’s got some nifty features like an LED lights, regenerative braking system, and touch-sensitive control system.

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The, 36-volt ride-on toys provide an exhilarating and high-powered outdoor experience for both children and adults.

These electric vehicles come equipped with robust battery systems, offering extended playtime and enhanced performance.

They are versatile, suitable for various terrains and interests, and often incorporate safety features to ensure a secure riding experience.

With a wide age range of options available, these toys cater to a diverse audience.

Whether it’s for off-roading adventures or neighborhood fun, 36-volt ride-on toys offer an exciting way to explore the outdoors while enjoying extended play sessions.

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